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Murder Mysteries
We create original, live-action, interactive murder mysteries where you assume the identity of a custom character and help your team solve the crime to win prizes.
How it Works

Each player receives a character card with information pertaining to themselves, other characters, and the plot. The players are split into teams and tasked with utilizing their clues, their teammates' clues, and information that they gain from the game, to deduce the identity of the killer and the motive. There may be other mysteries to solve following the same format.

The game progresses in rounds. Each one reveals more clues to the players and allows time for them to mingle with other characters. After three rounds have been completed, the teams will have time to discuss and attempt to solve the crime.

Each team will then choose a spokesperson to tell the group who they think is the killer and the motive for the murder. The true plot will then be revealed and the winning team will be determined.

  • Appetizers & Desserts

  • Beverages (Wine, Beer, Other)

  • Built in donation to the charity you love

*Complete ticket packages depend on the venue where the event is held.​

  • a custom written character

  • a chance to win prizes

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"Josh's attention to detail shows in the depth of his characters and unique plots!  Our members always rave about how much fun they have, and it's a great opportunity for members to engage with one another and create lasting memories together."

— Olivia Reed,

DWC steering committee member

Totally 80's Murder Mystery

Fundraiser for MidWay Music Speaks hosted at Oliver Winery

It is 1989 at the end of an unforgettable decade of music that brought us impossibly catchy one hit wonders, moody synth laden lullabies, fist pumping anthems, and ground breaking rhymes of Hip Hop pioneers. A time when anyone could do anything, as long as it was accompanied by an inspirational montage, or a determined dance in an abandoned warehouse. You have been invited to the Midwest Music Awards, the most prestigious awards ceremony to take place in the fly-over states.
The event celebrates the music of the excessive 80s, replete with a huge haired new wave band, dirty dancing, and geeks with glasses lining the pastel walls. Has-been hair rockers of the 70s brag of their glory days to Valley-girls in gaudy gowns with puffy shoulders, while untested underdogs attempt to prove they’re the best around. Break dancing bad boys moonwalk with rebellious rockers boasting bodacious bangs. And totally tubular teens bask in the fantastic fame of pop culture icons awaiting the awards they are sure they deserve.
In a culture of consumerism, some look for answers, some look for kicks, but all have the same problem… one of you is a murderer.

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