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Murder Mysteries

We create live action, Interactive murder mysteries where you assume the identity of a custom character and help your team solve the crime to win prizes.

 All characters and story lines are original creations of Mid By Midwest Murder Mysteries.

How it works:

  • Each player receives a character card with information pertaining to themselves, other characters, and the plot. The players are split into teams and tasked with utilizing their clues, their teammates' clues, and information that they gain from the game, to deduce the identity of the killer and the motive. There may be other mysteries to solve following the same format.


  • The game progresses in rounds. Each one reveals more clues to the players and allows time for them to mingle with other characters. After three rounds have been completed the teams will have time to discuss and attempt to solve the crime.


  • Each team will then choose a spokesperson to tell the group who they think is the killer and the motive for the murder. The true plot will then be revealed and the winning team will be determined.

Examples of past murder mysteries:
“The Golden Age Of The Silver Screen”
The glory of the swashbuckling hero, the glamor of the elegant starlet, and the gallantry of the noble knight flow from the big screen and into the hearts of Americans. It is 1938 and the golden age of Hollywood is in full swing. But behind the lights and the camera, the action is as fiery as the California sun. You have been invited to the private bungalow of famed film director Marcel Dumont. A red carpet affair where the curtain is drawn back, revealing the sordid secrets, and sultry scandals, of the Hollywood elite. The Jazz is hot, the champagne is cold, and the people are beautiful. The problem is, one of you is a murderer.


"Cabaret Murder Mystery"                                                                                                                 It is 1925 in Paris France during the city's World's Fair Art Exhibition. You have been invited to an elegant soiree at Madame Toussaint's Parisian Cabaret. A sensuous wonderland where pale spotlights pierce through a colorful haze onto an ornate stage. Beautiful burlesque dancers tease the audience while big bands play, and sultry sirens sing. Bright bulbs illuminate the shadows as dancers twirl and twist up a grand staircase. On a secluded balcony, an avant-garde artist sips absinthe with an aloof chanteuse. Crowded around cafe tables, American ex-patriots philosophize with European revolutionaries. It is a hotbed of intellectual elite, cultural trend setters, and fancy-free socialites.The problem is, one of you is a murderer.